The Compliance Services Branch uses risk evaluation techniques to monitor and manage non-compliance. We use a strategic approach to risk identification and investigation so that tax and grant risks are identified, investigated and resolved in a timely manner.

We identify, analyse and address areas of non-compliance through various strategies, including audits and investigations, aimed at achieving maximum compliance by taxpayers and grant recipients.

Complexities in the law contribute to non-compliance. Achieving maximum compliance requires public education and a strong client focus. We work in partnership with business and professional organisations to inform taxpayers and grant recipients to enable them to comply with their statutory obligations.

RevenueSA’s compliance philosophy is based on:

  • obtaining a maximum level of voluntary compliance;
  • taxpayers and grant recipients having a clear understanding of their obligations;
  • identifying risk areas for proactive investigation;
  • applying the appropriate treatment for non-compliance; and
  • treating taxpayers and grant recipients in a fair and equitable manner.

For the purpose of administering South Australian taxation and grant laws, we are authorised to exchange information with other state and territory revenue offices and the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) to assist in the proper identification and accurate assessment of taxation liabilities/grant eligibility.

In this regard, the sharing of information with other state and territory revenue offices and with the ATO across all taxation laws administered by RevenueSA, is carried out in accordance with Part 9 of the South Australian Taxation Administration Act 1996, similar legislation in other states and territories and under Item 1 in Table 4 in 355-65 of Schedule 1 of the Commonwealth's Taxation Administration Act 1953 and section 41(3) of the First Home and Housing Construction Grant Act 2000.

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