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I am purchasing land (including vacant land) which is considered (by land use code**) to be used as:

Total Stamp Duty:
Foreign Ownership Surcharge:
Total Duty:
Stamp Duty Relief:
Off-the-Plan Concession:
Qualifying Land Reduction:
Total Payable*:

*Please note: If two or more documents arise from a single contract of sale or together form, or arise from, substantially one transaction or one series of transactions, Section 67 of the Stamp Duties Act, 1923 may result  in duty being assessed on the total transaction consideration/value. Refer to the Section 67 Document Guide (PDF 120KB) or contact RevenueSA for advice on this assessment.

**Qualifying Land means land that is being used other than for residential purposes or for primary production as defined in Section 71DC of the SDA. The Commissioner will generally rely on land use codes to determine whether they consider land to be residential or primary production land. The land use codes within the following Land Use Code (LUC) headings will be taken to be Qualifying Land:

  • Commercial (LUC 2000-2990)
  • Industrial (LUC 3100-3909)
  • Vacant Land* (with some exceptions) (LUC 4110-4600)
  • Institutions (LUC 5100-5990)
  • Public Utilities (LUC 6100-6990)
  • Recreation (LUC 7100-7900)
  • Mining and Quarrying (LUC 8100-8409)

*unless the land is within a zone established by a Development Plan under the Planning, Development and Infrastructure Act 2016 that envisages the use, or potential use, of the land as non-residential and non-primary production.

The following land use codes are NOT considered by the Commissioner to be Qualifying Land:

  • Residential (with some exceptions) (LUC 1100-1999)
  • Primary Production (LUC 9100-9990)
  • Vacant Land - Urban (LUC 4100)
  • Vacant Land with minor improvements - Urban (LUC 4101)
  • Vacant Land - rural residential (LUC 4150)
  • Vacant Land with minor improvements - Rural Living (LUC 4151)

Further information is available in Information Circular 103.

Land Services SA has an LTO lodgement fees calculator

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