RevenueSA Online is an Internet based system that allows an easy, flexible and more efficient way for you to do business with RevenueSA.

What functions can be performed in RevenueSA Online?

(Land Tax & Emergency Services Levy)

RevenueSA Online allows registered users to request, view, print, update and pay South Australian Emergency Services Levy and Land Tax Agent Certificates.

Read more information on the certificates (land tax & emergency services levy) functions of RevenueSA Online.

Land Tax

How can I view my land holding declaration?

RevenueSA Online provided a land tax portal where land holders could complete a land holding declaration to comply with the land tax changes introduced midnight 30 June 2020. The declaration required land holders to confirm and amend land holding information, advise if the land was held on trust, and for corporations, confirm the corporations contained in the group.

The land tax portal is no longer accepting land holding declarations but is accessible to view and print your submitted land holding declarations.

Payroll Tax

RevenueSA Online allows registered users to lodge, pay and modify monthly and annual returns.

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Stamp Duty (Conveyance)

RevenueSA Online allows registered users to calculate, self determine and pay stamp duty on a range of documents, and lodge documents for assessment by the Commissioner of State Taxation.

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Stamp Duty (Insurance)

RevenueSA Online allows registered users to submit and pay stamp duty insurance Statements (General and Section 38).

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How do I access RevenueSA Online?

Registered users can access the RevenueSA Online at

Use of RevenueSA Online does not incur any new or additional fees.

Whilst RevenueSA makes every endeavour to ensure RevenueSA Online is available as often as possible, there are times when planned and unplanned outages can occur.

If maintenance needs to be performed to RevenueSA Online, RevenueSA will advise users of the outage as early as possible by posting a message through RevenueSA Online and posting on the System Maintenance and Outages page.

RevenueSA understands that the timing of these outages are sometimes inconvenient and will make every effort to ensure that these outages are kept to a minimum.

Unplanned outages - whilst RevenueSA takes every precaution to ensure the availability of RevenueSA Online, unforeseen outages can occur with no notice.

If RevenueSA Online is not functioning, please check our System Maintenance and Outages page first for details. If no details are published please contact our RevSupport team.

If you require to self-determine stamp duty and stamp a document while RevenueSA Online is not available, our RevSupport team can provided you with a manual Document ID. The document must be entered into RevenueSA Online, with the manual Document ID, once the system becomes available.

System Maintenance and Outages

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