Working with you

We are committed to making it easy for you to interact with us. The RevenueSA Service Charter details our commitment to quality service and helping you in doing the right thing.

You play a vital role in protecting the State's revenue.

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Heading Easy to deal with

To do this we will:

Heading Listening to you

To do this we will:

  • Ask for feedback on your customer experience, for example, customer satisfaction surveys, feedback.
  • Consult and listen to feedback from you and relevant industry groups.
  • Regularly review our progress against customer service standards.

Heading Fair in our actions

To do this we will:

  • Help you if you have a question or concern and provide options for dispute resolution.
  • Ensure all assessments are made in accordance with the law.
  • Be consistent in our application of the law.
  • Remit any penalties or interest that result from delays caused by us.
  • Be responsive to individual, cultural and special needs.
  • Treat you as being honest unless you act otherwise.

Heading Dealing with us

We expect that you will:

  • To be truthful, cooperative, respectful and courteous.
  • Tell us of any change (address, circumstances etc.) that may impact your taxation liability or grant eligibility.
  • Tell us if you have, or think you may have, made a mistake.
  • Keep records so your liability can be assessed.
  • Lodge returns, payments and documents by the due date.

You can expect that we will:

  • Respect your privacy and confidentiality, and ensure the protection of your information.
  • Only request information that is relevant to enable us to make assessment in accordance with the law.
  • Provide adequate time for you to respond to any requests made.
  • Keep you updated on progress of your transaction, and advise timeframes for responses.
  • Acknowledge our mistakes and correct them promptly.
  • Improve services and develop new standards within our capacity based on feedback you provide.

Heading Help us improve

Do you have a suggestion on how we can improve our service? Or are you happy with the service you receive?

We would like to hear from you when our service exceeds or does not meet your expectations, both are equally important to help us continually improve.

Please provide feedback via our feedback and complaints page.

View PDF of RevenueSA Service Charter (PDF 233KB)

Our Performance

  • Our organisation at all levels is committed to exercising high levels of professionalism and integrity.

    Key Performance Indicators

     Monthly Customer Service KPITarget
    1Answer telephone calls within 5 minutes.70%
    2Acknowledgement for all service complaints will be made within 3 days, with the matter resolved and a formal notification of the outcome provided to the taxpayer within 21 days100%
    3Approve duty refunds within 28 days upon receipt of all necessary information.100%
    4Payments of the First Home Owner Grant for eligible applicants are deposited into approved agents dedicated bank accounts within 24 hours, provided payment is requested by 1:00 pm (EST) on the previous day, and the Payment Eligibility date is less than 5 days away.100%
    5Payment of First Home Owner Grant to eligible applicants are made within 5 days after approval where applications are lodged direct to RevenueSA.100%
    6Refer Objections to the Crown Solicitor within 30 days of receipt of all necessary information.100%
    7Complete audits and investigations within 150 calendar days.65%
    8Approve corporate group exemption applications within 14 days upon receipt of all necessary information.100%
     Yearly Customer Service KPITarget
    9Notice of Assessments (emergency services levy) issued during annual mass billing run (August 2020 to September 2020).90%
    10Notice of Assessments (land tax) issued during annual mass billing run (October 2020 to November 2020).90%
    11Customer satisfaction (measured yearly in the RevenueSA Customer Satisfaction Survey).85%


    View 2022-23 KPI Results (PDF 248 KB)

    View 2021-22 KPI Results (PDF 261 KB)

    View 2020-21 KPI results (PDF 264 KB)

    View 2019-20 KPI results (PDF 374 KB)

    View 2018-19 KPI results (PDF 374 KB)

    View 2017-18 KPI results (PDF 361 KB)

    View 2016-17 KPI results (PDF 376 KB)

  • What can we do to improve your customer experience with us?

    The 2022 Customer Satisfaction Survey is now closed, results from the survey will be published on our website following analysis.

    Please do not feel that you need to wait until our next Customer Satisfaction Survey to provide comments. Feedback can be provided at any time via our feedback and complaints page.

    Survey Results

    RevenueSA conducts customer satisfaction surveys designed to obtain feedback from taxpayers in the areas of general customer service, information provided and education channels.

    View customer satisfaction survey summary

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