The focus for the Compliance Services Branch is to continue with and develop programs targeting identified areas of non-compliance. This includes applying resources to expand the use of technology in targeting compliance activity.

The following compliance issues will be amongst those to receive attention:

First Home, Construction and HomeBuilder Grants

Ensure recipients of the grants satisfy the eligibility criteria. Applicants who are found not to be eligible for the grant will be required to repay the grant.

Land Tax

Principal Place of Residence

Identify taxpayers who are claiming a residential exemption on property that is not their principal place of residence including businesses that operate from properties for which a residential exemption has been claimed.


Identify taxpayers (including corporations) who receive the benefit of multiple thresholds because their properties have not been amalgamated on one assessment due to recording variations of the ownership name in the land titles system (for example, misspells, maiden versus married, anglicised names, truncated legal names).

Related Corporations

Identify corporate taxpayers who receive the benefit of multiple thresholds because their relationship with other corporate entities has not been recognised and the properties not aggregated for assessment purposes.

Payroll Tax

Unregistered entities

Identify employers (or groups of employers) whose wages exceed the threshold and have failed to register with RevenueSA.

Verification audits

Audit registered clients with a focus on contractors, rebate schemes and grouping provisions.

Stamp Duty

Conveyance of Land and Business

Identify non-payments and underpayments of stamp duty as well as avoidance schemes.

RevenueSA Online/RevNet

Identify non-payments and underpayments from RevenueSA Online/RevNet stamp duty transactions due to incorrect classification of documents for assessment purposes. Such incorrect classifications will be further investigated to identify potential fraudulent activities conducted on RevenueSA Online/RevNet. Non-compliance with the RevenueSA Online/RevNet Conditions of Approval will also be monitored.

Land Holder

Ensure compliance with the Land Holder provisions contained within Part 4 of the Stamp Duties Act 1923.

Foreign Owner Surcharge

Ensure that foreign persons (which includes natural persons and corporations) or foreign trusts that acquire an interest in residential land in South Australia pay a foreign ownership surcharge of 7% of the value of the interest in residential land.


Ensure compliance with the general and life insurance provisions contained within the Stamp Duties Act 1923.

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