Use the calculators below to estimate how much emergency services levy you will have to pay on your property for the:

See the How is the emergency services levy calculated? page for details on how the emergency services levy is calculated.

Please contact RevenueSA should you need to calculate the emergency services levy payable on land within a retirement village or an eligible residential park.

Please Note:

  • This calculation may be subject to a 5 cent variance due to rounding in the HTML calculation code used on this website. It will be correctly calculated in our revenue management system.
  • All owners of the property must be eligible for concession to receive the entire concession. If only some of the owners are eligible for the concession, a part concession will apply.
  • This calculation does not take into account reductions of fixed charges for single farming enterprises  or contiguous land.
  • A Notice of Emergency Service Levy Assessment will not be issued until the balance is above $10.
  • The emergency services levy will be remitted in full on properties located in Regional Area 2 with a capital value of $1,000 or less

*The information contained in the website is intended as a guide only. It is not intended to replace any assessment by the Minister pursuant to the Emergency Services Funding Act 1998. The amount of the levy payable will vary depending upon the details of your property. If you insert details of your property, the program will assist you in calculating the amount you may have to pay. The State of South Australia takes no responsibility for any incorrect information, or any discrepancy between the information provided on this website and that appearing in any notice issued pursuant to the Emergency Services Funding Act 1998, or any loss incurred as a result of reliance on the information.