The emergency services levy funds the provision of emergency services in South Australia and applies to all land (fixed property) and some mobile property. The money collected by the emergency services levy is placed into a dedicated fund (Community Emergency Services Fund) for the exclusive use of the emergency services including:

  • Metropolitan Fire Service (MFS)
  • Country Fire Service (CFS)
  • State Emergency Service (SES)
  • Volunteer Marine Rescue SA
  • SA Fire and Emergency Services Commission (SAFECOM)

and the rescue components of:

  • Surf Life Saving South Australia (SLSSA)
  • South Australian Police Rescue
  • The State Rescue Helicopter Service

Graphical representation of how emergency services levy funds are disbursed

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The emergency services levy is administered under the following legislation:

  • Emergency Services Funding Act 1998
  • Emergency Services Funding (Remissions - Land) Regulations 2014

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RevenueSA administers the fixed property component of the emergency services levy. Annual Notices of Emergency Services Levy Assessment are usually issued over a two month period commencing in August.

The mobile component of the emergency services levy is payable at the same time as vehicle registration fees and forms part of the registration notice. For more information about the emergency services levy on mobile property refer to the Department for Transport, Energy & Infrastructure on 13 10 84.

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