Information Circulars & Revenue Rulings - Land Tax


SDALT001Tax Relief Measures for those impacted by the Bushfire29/9/2020Revenue Ruling
LT004Land Held on Trust - Section 13(3)(b)25/2/2016Revenue Ruling
IC079Special Disability Trusts18/6/2015Information Circulars
IC061Prescribed Associations27/6/2013Information Circular
LT003Land Tax Relief upon moving into residential care on an ongoing basis29/1/2013Revenue Ruling
LT001Land Tax Relief for Deceased Estates4/8/2010Revenue Ruling

Historical Rates

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IC091Summary of Changes 2016-171/7/2016Information Circular
IC081Summary of Changes 2015-161/7/2015Information Circular
IC071Summary of Changes 2014-151/7/2014Information Circular
IC057Summary of Changes 2013-1413/06/2013Information Circular
IC046Summary of Changes 2012-137/6/2012Information Circular
IC024Summary of Changes 2011-1216/6/2011Information Circular
IC017Summary of Changes 2010-11 15/7/2010Information Circular

Tax Administration and Budget Releases

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IC098State Budget 2016-17: Land Tax Amendments15/12/16Information Circular
IC094State Budget 2016-17 Land Tax Amendments Replaced by IC0987/7/2016Information Circular
IC093State Budget 2016-17 7/7/2016Information Circular
IC090Interest Rates 2016-171/7/2016Information Circular
IC081Summary of Changes 2015-161/7/2015Information Circular
IC080Interest Rates 2015-16 Replaced by IC0901/7/2015Information Circular
IC0782015-16 State Budget: Land Tax Amendments18/6/2015Information Circular
IC075State Budget 2015-1618/6/2015Information Circular
IC070Interest Rates 2014-15 Replaced by IC0801/7/2014Information Circular
IC058Interest Rates 2013-14 Replaced by IC07027/6/2013Information Circular
IC056 State Budget 2013-1406/06/2013Information Circular
IC050Interest Rates 2012-13 Replaced by IC0583/7/2012Information Circular
IC039Debt Management Process22/5/2012Information Circular
IC033Minister for Finance Withdrawn28/11/2011Information Circular
IC025Interest Rates 2011-12 Replaced by IC0501/7/2011Information Circular
LT002Quarterly Instalments - Interest & Penalty Tax19/1/2011Revenue Ruling
TAA01Application of Interest & Penalty Tax19/1/2011Revenue Ruling
IC015Interest Rates 2010-11 Replaced by IC0255/7/2010Information Circular

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