Guides to Legislation

Emergency Services Levy

The Guide to Emergency Services Levy describes how the levy is applied to fixed property. Information is also provided as to the calculation method used, the various concessions available and how to request to pay the levy by instalments.

Land Tax

The Guide to Land Tax Legislation and the Guide to Land Tax describe how the liability for land tax is determined, including the calculation method used. Information is also provided on the various exemptions, as well as information regarding land held on trust and shack sites.

Payroll Tax

The Guide to Payroll Tax Legislation provides a brief explanation of South Australian payroll tax.

Stamp Duty

The Guide to Stamp Duty Land Holder Legislation provides a general guide to the provisions of Part 4 of the Stamp Duties Act 1923.

Betting Operations Tax

The Guide to Betting Operations Tax provides a general guide to the administration of the betting operations tax.