Emergency Services Levy

From 1 July 1999, the fire services levy on insurance premiums was replaced with a new broader based emergency services levy on property. This levy funds the provision of emergency services in South Australia and applies to all fixed property and some mobile property.

The collection of the levy on mobile property (cars, motorbikes etc) occurs through Transport SA's Customer Service Centres (ph 13 10 84) or Service SA Customer Service Centres (ph 13 23 24).

RevenueSA has been appointed by the government as the collection agency for the fixed property component of the levy payable under the Emergency Services Funding Act 1998 (the "Act").

Please note that Notices of Emergency Services Levy Assessment ("Notice") are usually issued over a three month period commencing in August. The majority of levy payers should receive their Notice by the middle of October.

This website provides information in relation to the fixed property component of the Act.

For details on how the levy is calculated on fixed property refer to the Guide to Emergency Services Levy.

You can also use our calculator to determine your levy.

If you wish to change your address details, please complete the online change of address form.

For further information, please contact RevenueSA.