RevenueSA is committed to assisting you to do the right thing and resolve your payment obligations on time. There are times though when clients attempt to gain an unfair financial advantage by:

  • being unwilling to work with us to resolve their obligations
  • deliberately refusing to pay
  • not taking steps to work with us when they don’t have the capacity to; or
  • continuing with behaviours and actions that deliberately avoid declaring and/or paying taxes that were detected during an audit.

In circumstances like these, RevenueSA may take action to recover or secure an outstanding debt including:

  • imposition of interest
  • removing funds from a client's bank account, including from third parties, for example, rental income
  • placing caveats or charging orders over real property; and
  • court action, including issuing proceedings for Warrants of Sale or insolvency.

Certain costs incurred in recovering debts via these methods may be passed on to the client, increasing the amount payable.

Interest and Penalty Tax

Please refer to Revenue Ruling TAA001 regarding the application of Interest and Penalty Tax for those Acts covered by the TAA.

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