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Why is my exempt land on my Land Tax Assessment?

This video is intended as a guide only. We recommend you seek independent advice on state revenue matters and how they impact you and your circumstances.

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Statement of land held shows all of the land you own or partly own in South Australia, even if it’s not taxable land.

This could include property that is exempt from land tax, such as land used for primary production.

If the land is exempt, you’ll see a code instead of a dollar value in the site value column.

You’ll also see an explanation of the codes at the bottom of your Statement of land held.

If you see a code, it means we have an exemption for your land and that property’s value doesn’t count towards your total taxable site value.

No tax is charged on that property.

If your exempt land shows on your Statement, but it has a dollar value it means that we don’t have an exemption recorded for that property.

You can apply for an exemption using the online Apply for land tax exemption or relief form.

Details about the eligibility criteria and what you need to apply are available on our website.

If your application is approved, your land tax will be reassessed and a new Land Tax Assessment will be issued, showing the exemption.

Contact us for information.

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If your land tax needs to be reassessed because your exempt land was included on your original Land Tax Assessment, call us on (08) 8226 3750.

More information can be found at www.revenuesa.sa.gov.au/landtax

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