What is the value of my land?

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This video is intended as a guide only. We recommend you seek independent advice on state revenue matters and how they impact you and your circumstances.

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Your property value is determined by the Valuer-General.

It’s not necessarily the same value you’d get from a real estate agent.

The Valuer-General calculates different types of values for different purposes.

Let’s find out more.


RevenueSA uses land values from the Office of the Valuer General to work out the different taxes and levies a property owner pays.

The main property values RevenueSA uses are site value and capital value.


Site value is the value of your land as though it was vacant. It takes into account any retaining walls, excavating, levelling, drainage, removal of rocks, stone, sand, soil or timber and vegetation.

But no buildings.

Site value – or the vacant value – is used to work out your land tax.


Capital value includes improvements and buildings. It takes into account buildings or other structures, wells, dams and reservoirs and any trees you’ve planted for commercial purposes.

Capital value is used to work out your emergency services levy.


What if you don’t agree with your valuation?

If you don’t agree with your property’s value, you can contact the Office of the Valuer General to lodge a formal objection.

You have 60 days from the day you receive your first notice, which includes your council rates and SA Water notices, to lodge your objection.

Find out how to contact them at the end of this video.

If you lodge an objection, you still need to pay your land tax or emergency services levy by the due date.

The Office of the Valuer-General will contact you and RevenueSA with the outcome of your case.

We will then issue you with a revised Assessment with the Reasssessment Reason printed on it, or a refund letter, whichever applies in your situation.

You can contact the Office of the Valuer-General online, by email or post. The details are on the screen and available on our website.

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More information can be found at www.revenuesa.sa.gov.au.