Our organisation at all levels is committed to exercising high levels of professionalism and integrity.

Key Performance Indicators

 Monthly Customer Service KPITarget
1Answer telephone calls within 5 minutes.70%
2Acknowledgement for all service complaints will be made within 3 days, with the matter resolved and a formal notification of the outcome provided to the taxpayer within 21 days100%
3Approve duty refunds within 28 days upon receipt of all necessary information.100%
4Payments of the First Home Owner Grant for eligible applicants are deposited into approved agents dedicated bank accounts within 24 hours, provided payment is requested by 1:00 pm (EST) on the previous day, and the Payment Eligibility date is less than 5 days away.100%
5Payment of First Home Owner Grant to eligible applicants are made within 5 days after approval where applications are lodged direct to RevenueSA.100%
6Refer Objections to the Crown Solicitor within 30 days of receipt of all necessary information.100%
7Complete audits and investigations within 150 calendar days.65%
8Approve corporate group exemption applications within 14 days upon receipt of all necessary information.100%
 Yearly Customer Service KPITarget
9Notice of Assessments (emergency services levy) issued during annual mass billing run (August 2020 to September 2020).90%
10Notice of Assessments (land tax) issued during annual mass billing run (October 2020 to November 2020).90%
11Customer satisfaction (measured yearly in the RevenueSA Customer Satisfaction Survey).85%


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