Contiguous Land

Contiguous land may be eligible for a reduction of the fixed component of the ESL.

The fixed charge ($50) will apply to only one of the properties within a contiguous group. A variable charge still applies to each individual property in the contiguous group.

What is Contiguous Land?

Contiguous land are parcels of land which abut (touch) one another or are separated only by certain types of public land where:

  • the owner or occupier of all the land concerned is the same;
  • all the land is used for the same purpose as defined by the Valuer-General; and
  • all the land is contained within the same Emergency Services Area (e.g. Regional Area 1).

Pieces of land will be taken to be contiguous if they abut (touch) one another at any point or if they are separated only by:

  • a street, road, lane, footway, court, railway, thoroughfare or travelling stock route; or
  • a reserve or other similar open space dedicated for public purposes.

Pieces of land will be considered to be separated by intervening land if a line projected at right angles from any point on the boundary of one of them, across the intervening land, would intersect a boundary of the other piece of land.

Example A:

Person A owns two properties that are side-by-side. One property is Person A’s residential home and the second property contains land used as their garden and their swimming pool. For contiguous purposes, the two properties will be viewed as being use for the same purpose (i.e. Person A’s Residential property).

Normally a $50 Fixed Charge would apply to each property.

In this example, only one $50 Fixed Charge applies, reducing the ESL by $50. The variable charge will still apply to each property in this contiguous group.

Example B:

A retirement village operator owns two retirement villages located in different suburbs. All of the independent living units (ILU's) in each village are adjacent to one another.

In this example, two contiguous groups exist. Only one $50 Fixed Charge will apply to each village, i.e. in this example $100 in total. The variable charge will still apply to each of the ILU's in both villages.

How do I apply?

To apply, you need to complete an Emergency Services Levy Contiguous Land/Single Farming Enterprise Application.

Further information about contiguous land can be obtained from our Information Sheet.