HomeBuilder grant applications close 14 April 2021 for eligible contracts entered into between 4 June 2020 and 31 March 2021 inclusive

Applications for the HomeBuilder Grant must be received by midnight 14 April 2021.

You must upload as a minimum a copy of the contract to build or buy a new home or renovate your existing home signed by both the applicant(s) and the builder.

Other required documentation can be uploaded at a later date.

Your application should be submitted on our online portal at https://www.firsthome.gov.au/homebuilder/sa/

For your application to be assessed and given conditional approval you are required to provide:

A copy of:

1. The builder’s valid licence/registration

2. The certificate of title (if available)

If you are undertaking a substantial renovation you will also need to provide the plans of the home before and after the renovation, a cost breakdown from the builder for the renovation work to be performed, and a schedule of building works

You must also provide for each applicant:

3. Evidence of your income

Please provide your 2018-19 or 2019-20 Australian Tax Office Notice of Assessment with the tax file number blacked out (redacted). The same financial year must be provided if you are applying as a couple.

Tax summary, group certificate or payslips will not be accepted.

Example of 2018-19 Australian Taxation Office Notice of Assessment

Example of 2019-20 Australian Taxation Office Notice of Assessment

If you are not required to lodge a tax return, please provide your non-lodgement advice issued by the Australian Taxation Office

4. Evidence of your Australian citizenship and age

Please provide a copy of your:

  • Australian Birth Certificate; or
  • Australian Passport; or
  • Australian Citizenship Certificate.

If your name on these documents is different to the name shown on your Certificate of Land, please include evidence of your change of name (for example change of name certificate, marriage certificate).

Further information that will be required before the grant can be paid includes:

  1. Mandatory stages of work notification form used by your builder to notify your local council of the date commencement of building works on site is to occur or a statutory declaration from builder notifying RevenueSA the date that site excavation for the approved building works is complete.
  2. First progress invoice and receipt of payment that includes footings poured (new builds) or invoice and receipt of payment for a minimum of $150,000 (substantial renovation).
  3. Evidence of registration of property title in the applicant(s) name and the practical completion certificate from the builder (for off the plan).

I’ve submitted my application, how do I provide more documentation?

While your application is pending in our online portal, you may re-enter at a later stage to upload additional information. If your application has progressed to the lodged stage, you will no longer be able to upload information in the online portal, but you can email this information to homebuildergrant@sa.gov.au (please ensure you include your application UIN).

Once your application has been reviewed by RevenueSA, if additional information is required, we will email you, outlining the information required to make an assessment on your application.

Payment will not be made until all required information is provided.

All documentation must be provided by 30 April 2023.