Information Circulars & Revenue Rulings - Emergency Services Levy

ESL002Penalty & Levy Interest10/5/2017Revenue Ruling
IC092Summary of Changes 2016-17 See Rates & Certificate Fees page for future rate information1/7/2016Information Circular
IC082Summary of Changes 2015-161/7/2015Information Circular
ESL001General Remission: Retired and Aged Accommodation and Independent Living Units23/12/2014Revenue Ruling
IC072Summary of Changes 2014-151/7/2014Information Circular
IC069State Budget 2014-1519/6/2014Information Circular
IC059Summary of Changes 2013-14 27/6/2013Information Circular
IC047Summary of Changes 2012-13 28/6/2012Information Circular
IC039Debt Management Process22/5/2012Information Circular
IC033Minister for Finance Withdrawn28/11/2011Information Circular
IC026Summary of Changes 2011-121/7/2011Information Circular
IC013Summary of Changes 2010-115/7/2010Information Circular

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Please note: A new publication system was introduced on 1 July 2009 as a method of publishing and disseminating decisions on the interpretation of legislation administered by RevenueSA (Revenue Rulings) and of changes in administrative practices or taxation laws (Information Circulars).

Prior to 1 July 2009, this information was published as Circulars. A review has been undertaken on their content and current information has been reissued in Revenue Ruling (RR) or Information Circular (IC) format, or is available in another publication or on the RevenueSA Internet site.

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