Register for RevNet

Stamp Duty or Certificates

To become a registered user of the Stamp Duty or Certificates components of RevNet, you will need to complete the relevant application. Applications are available by clicking on the appropriate link below:

Payroll Tax

All clients registered for payroll tax in South Australia during the current financial year, will automatically be registered to use the Payroll Tax component of RevNet to complete their annual reconciliation. Access is restricted to general access only and does not include making on-line payments or lodging of regular returns. You do not need to complete an application to have access to the Annual Reconciliation facility.

If you wish to have access to the full range of functionality available in the RevNet Payroll Tax component, which includes the ability to lodge your monthly (or other agreed period) payroll tax returns and pay your payroll tax liabilities on-line, you will need to complete a RevNet Payroll Tax Electronic Payment Authority application or a RevNet Payroll Tax Electronic Funds Transfer application form.