AUSkey is a single secure sign-on key for accessing online government services. This means a single credential (e.g. user ids, PIN/passwords, digital certificates) for interacting with government rather than maintaining separate credentials for each agency interaction.

RevNet is our online system that allows clients/taxpayers to conduct business with RevenueSA in relation to Payroll Tax, Stamp Duty, Emergency Services Levy and Land Tax.

To use your AUSkey credentials for RevNet we need to verify your identity by linking your existing RevNet username to your AUSkey. This is a once-off process that will happen when you logon onto RevNet once AUSkey has been activated on your computer.

The AUSkey identifies an individual user that is associated to an organisation. The AUSkey consists of a sequence of numbers for the user and the Australian Business Number (ABN) of the organisation. The combination of the two uniquely identifies a user for their organisation.

View a list of participating government agencies for AUSkey.

For further information and to register for an AUSkey visit the AUSkey website.