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Why is my property on more than one Land Tax Assessment?

This video is intended as a guide only. We recommend you seek independent advice on state revenue matters and how they impact you and your circumstances.

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From 2020-21 changes were introduced to the way land tax in South Australia is assessed and charged.

One of the changes is how land owned by joint owners is taxed.

If land is owned by 2 or more people, it is assessed in the joint ownership and land tax is charged to the joint ownership.

Then, and this is new from 2020-21, each individual owner is separately assessed on their share of the jointly owned land along with any other land they own.

It means property can show on a joint Land Tax Assessment and then also on the individual Land Tax Assessment of each individual owner.

There are measures in place to stop people being double taxed on the same property that shows on more than one Land Tax Assessment.

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More information can be found at www.revenuesa.sa.gov.au/landtax.

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