The Land Tax Portal has now closed

To advise of land held on trust, or nominate beneficiaries, please use the online Trustee Notification Advice.

To advise of changes to related corporations or any other matters relating to corporations please email:

For general land tax matters please email:

You are encouraged to complete your land holding declaration through RevenueSA Online.

If you have a family member or friend that you are comfortable with sharing your land ownership details with, you can have someone assist you with completing your land holding declaration.

Your lawyer or accountant may also be able to help you.

If you don’t have anyone who can help you, please complete a manual land holding declaration and lodge with RevenueSA.

If you need to notify us with a manual form

If you hold land on trust which we have not been notified of you should use the Land Tax Trustee Notification Advice form (PDF 318KB).

If you would like to nominate a designated beneficiary for a discretionary trust, unitholders of a unit trust or beneficiaries for a fixed trust, you will need to complete the Land Tax Trustee Notification Advice (PDF 318KB)

If you wish to nominate a designated beneficiary for a discretionary trust, you will also need to provide a Statutory Declaration (PDF 220KB) signed by the designated beneficiary.

You will also be required to provide supporting documentation

Information on supporting documentation is contained on Land Tax Trustee Notification Advice (PDF 318KB) and our Land held on trust page.

If you only own your home or if you own more than one property, please contact us to discuss.

When do I need to complete the form by?

The deadline to complete your land holding declaration was extended to 31 July 2020, and no penalties will be applied if you miss the due date shown on your original letter. However, completion as soon as possible would be appreciated.

Where do I send the form to?

Once completed, please return your form to:

RevenueSA – Land Tax Reform
GPO Box 1647
Adelaide SA 5001

I need assistance, where should I go?

If you have any questions please contact our land tax team at or call us on 8226 3750 (select option 2).

What happens next?

Once submitted, our land tax team will assess your declaration and will contact you if additional information is required.