Information Circulars & Revenue Rulings - First Home Owner Grant

IC104Calculation of Market Value - Comprehensive Home Building Contract22/09/2020Information Circular
FHOG006Ex Gratia Scheme for the Provision of the Seniors Housing Grant for New Home Contracts Entered into Between 22 February 2014 and 30 June 201430/3/2015Revenue Ruling
FHOG005Relief for Australian Defence Force Personnel19/1/2015Revenue Ruling
IC066First Home and Housing Construction Grants (Eligibility Criteria) Amendment Act 20135/12/2013Information Circular
FHOG004Ex Gratia Scheme for the Provision of the Housing Construction Grant for New Homes in Retirement Villages8/11/2013Revenue Ruling
FHOG003Ex Gratia Scheme for the Provision of the Housing Construction Grant for New Homes in Residential Parks8/11/2013Revenue Ruling
IC064Calculation of Market Value - Comprehensive Home Building Contract Replaced by IC10419/9/2013Information Circular
FHOG002Payment of the Housing Construction Grant16/8/2013Revenue Ruling
IC056State Budget 2013-146/6/2013 Information Circular
IC053State Budget 2012-13 - Statutes Amendment and Repeal (Budget 2012) Act 20126/12/2012Information Circular
IC052First Home Owner Grant and Housing Construction Grant 22/11/2012Information Circular
IC051Increased Government Assistance for New Home Buyers18/10/2012 Information Circular
IC042State Budget 2012-13 - First Home Bonus Grant31/5/2012Information Circular
IC040State Budget 2012-1331/5/2012Information Circular
IC039Debt Management Process22/5/2012Information Circular
IC033Minister for Finance Withdrawn28/11/2011Information Circular
IC023State Budget 2011-129/6/2011Information Circular
IC020First Home Owner Grant - Property Value Cap19/1/2011Information Circular
IC019First Home Bonus Grant19/1/2011Information Circular
IC018State Budget 2010-1116/9/2010Information Circular
FHOG001First Home Owner Boost30/4/2010Revenue Ruling

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