2012-13 Mid-year budget review: Transport Development Levy in the Adelaide CBD

Status: Current 
Date Issued: 18 December 2012

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Today the Government has announced that the Mid-Year Budget Review to be released on Thursday will include the introduction of a Transport Development Levy (the “Levy”) which will be levied on certain car park spaces in the Adelaide central business district (CBD) with effect from 1 July 2014.


Amount of the Levy

The Levy is to be set at $750 per annum per car park space and will be payable by the owner.

The Levy will be indexed annually to movements in the Adelaide Consumer Price Index.


The Levy will apply to off-street car parks located within the Adelaide CBD.

The Levy will also apply to ticketed on-street car parks located within the Adelaide CBD.

For this purpose, the Adelaide CBD is the area south of the River Torrens and the parkland side of Hackney Road, Dequetteville Terrace, Fullarton Road, Greenhill Road, the train line bordering the west parklands and Port Road. The Levy will not apply in North Adelaide.

The Levy will apply to:

  • public car park spaces;
  • car park spaces that are leased out on a short-term or long term basis;
  • privately owned car park spaces that are subject to Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT); and
  • on-street ticketed car park spaces.

The Levy will not apply to:

  • residential car park spaces;
  • non chargeable privately owned car park spaces not subject to FBT (primarily customer and client parking provided on a business premises);
  • disabled car park spaces;
  • car park spaces for emergency vehicles;
  • short term visitor car park spaces at the Royal Adelaide Hospital; and
  • special events car park spaces (including occasional car parking within the parklands).


From and including the 2014-15 financial year owners of car park spaces will be required to lodge an annual return with RevenueSA providing details of car park spaces owned as at 30 June of the previous financial year.


Consultation will be undertaken with owners and other stakeholders on the implementation of the Levy.


Legislation will be required to implement the Levy. It is proposed that the legislation will be introduced into Parliament in 2013.


The Levy will apply from 1 July 2014 subject to the legislation being enacted by Parliament.

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