IC104Calculation of Market Value - Comprehensive Home Building Contract22/9/2020Housing Grants | FHOG | HomeBuilder

Stamp Duty on Conveyance or Transfers of Non-residential, Non-primary Production Real Property (Qualifying Land)

Updated 21 November 2022 to include hotel & motel land use codes and  update terminology from ‘Memorandum of Transfer’ to ‘Transfer’.

IC102Valuations of Land, Interest in Land and Land Holder Interests10/5/2017SD
IC101Transfer of Property to Correct an Error10/5/2017SD
IC100Deeds of Rectification10/5/2017SD
IC099Stamp Duty on Business Transactions10/5/2017SD
IC098State Budget 2016-17: Land Tax Amendments15/12/2016LT
IC097Foreign Currency Transactions6/12/2016SD
IC096Payroll Tax Rates. Replaced by Rates and Thresholds page. View current Rates and Thresholds page.7/7/2016PRT
IC095Job Accelerator Grant Replaced by JAG Factsheet (PDF 608KB)7/7/2016JAG
IC094State Budget 2016-17 Land Tax Amendments Replaced by IC0987/7/2016LT
IC093State Budget 2016-17 View State Budget Updates page for future Budget information7/7/2016GEN | TAA | SD | LT | PRT | JAG
IC092Summary of Changes 2016-171/7/2016ESL
IC091Summary of Changes 2016-171/7/2016LT
IC090Interest Rates View Interest & Penalty page for future interest & penalty information1/7/2016TAA | SD | LT | PRT
IC089Extension of the Stamp Duty Concession for Off-the-Plan Apartments and Expansion of the Boundaries22/6/2016SD
IC088Registration of Heavy Vehicles - Dutiable Value and Dealer Exemptions4/1/2016SD
IC087Registration of Motor Vehicles - Dutiable Value and Dealer Exemptions4/1/2016SD
IC0862015-16 Mid-Year Budget Review - Stamp Duty on Transfers of Non-residential, Non-primary Production Real Property Replaced by IC1037/12/2015SD
IC085Part 4AA: Corporate Group Exemptions18/6/2015SD
IC084Statutes Amendment and Repeal (Budget 2015) Act 201526/11/2015SD
IC083Payroll Tax Rates Replaced by IC0968/7/2015PRT
IC082Summary of Changes 2015-161/7/2015ESL
IC081Summary of Changes 2015-161/7/2015LT
IC080Interest Rates Replaced by IC0901/7/2015TAA | SD | LT | PRT
IC079Special Disability Trusts18/6/2015SD & LT
IC0782015-16 State Budget: Land Tax Amendments18/6/2015LT
IC077Part 4AA: Corporate Group Exemptions Replaced by IC08518/6/2015SD
IC076State Budget 2015-16: Stamp Duty Measures18/6/2015SD
IC075State Budget 2015-1618/6/2015GEN, SD, LT & PRT
IC074Commonwealth Places (Mirror Taxes Administration) (Modification of State Taxing Laws) Regulations 201426/8/2014GEN
IC073Payroll Tax Rates Replaced by IC08311/7/2014PRT
IC072Summary of Changes 2014-151/7/2014ESL
IC071Summary of Changes 2014-151/7/2014LT
IC070Interest Rates 2014-15 Replaced by IC0801/7/2014TAA | SD | LT | PRT
IC069State Budget 2014-1519/6/2014TDL | SHG | ESL
IC068Stamp Duty on Off-the-Plan Apartments5/6/2014SD
IC067Repeal of Succession Duties Act 19295/12/2013SD
IC066First Home and Housing Construction Grants (Eligibility Criteria) Amendment Act 20135/12/2013HCG
IC065Extension of the Boundaries of Stamp Duty Relief for Off-the-plan Apartments29/10/2013SD
IC064Calculation of Market Value - Comprehensive Home Building Contract Replaced by IC10419/9/2013FHOG | HCG
IC063Stamp Duty Regulations 201310/9/2013SD
IC062Rates Replaced by IC07322/7/2013PRT
IC061Prescribed Associations 27/6/2013LT
IC060Cessation of the South Australian Exporters Rebate Scheme 27/6/2013PRT
IC059Summary of Changes 2013-1427/6/2013ESL
IC058Interest Rates Replaced by IC07027/6/2013TAA | SD | LT | PRT
IC057Summary of Changes 2013-1413/6/2013LT
IC056State Budget 2013-146/06/2013SD | PRT | FHOG | HCG | GEN | LT
IC0552012-13 Mid-Year Budget Review - Transport Development Levy in the Adelaide CBD18/12/2012GEN
IC054Employee Share Schemes / Maternity and Adoption Leave Exemption 6/12/2012PRT
IC053State Budget 2012-13 - Statutes Amendment and Repeal (Budget 2012) Act 2012 6/12/2012SD | PRT | FHOG | HCG | GEN
IC052First Home Owner Grant and Housing Construction Grant 22/11/2012FHOG | HCG
IC051Increased Government Assistance for New Home Buyers18/10/2012FHOG | HCG
IC050Interest Rates 2012-13 Replaced by IC0583/7/2012TAA | SD | LT | PRT
IC049Rates Replaced by IC06229/6/2012PRT
IC048Stamp Duty on Off-the-Plan Apartments28/6/2012SD
IC047Summary of Changes 2012-1328/6/2012ESL
IC046Summary of Changes 2012-137/6/2012LT
IC045State Budget 2012-13 - Stamp Duty - Inner City Rebate31/5/2012SD
IC044State Budget 2012-13 - Stamp Duty on Non-Quoted Marketable Securities and Non-Real Property Transfers31/5/2012SD
IC043State Budget 2012-13 - Exemption for Wages Paid to Apprentices and Trainees31/5/2012PRT
IC042State Budget 2012-13 - First Home Bonus Grant31/5/2012FHOG
IC041State Budget 2012-13 - Stamp Duty on Off-the-Plan Apartments Replaced by IC04831/5/2012SD
IC040State Budget 2012-1331/5/2012FHOG | PRT | SD
IC039Debt Management Process22/5/2012TAA | ESL | FHOG
IC038Conveyances of Intangible Property18/1/2012SD
IC037Regulations to Prescribe 'Special Acts' for Purposes of Section 71F(6)(c)18/1/2012SD
IC036Recognised Financial Markets18/1/2012SD
IC035Top Hatting: Relief for Restructure of Australian Stapled Real Estate Investment Trust18/1/2012SD
IC034Mid-Year Budget Review-Stamp Duty on Non-Real Non-Residential Conveyances16/12/2011SD
IC033Minister for Finance28/11/2011GEN
IC032Documents to be Submitted for Opinion Assessment28/10/2011SD
IC031Exporters Rebate Replaced by PTASA0013/8/2011PRT
IC030Conveyance of Property Between De Facto Partners21/7/2011SD
IC029Land Holding Entities & Tax Avoidance Schemes21/7/2011SD | TAA
IC028Employment Agency8/7/2011PRT
IC027Rates Replaced by IC0495/7/2011PRT
IC026Summary of Changes 2011-121/7/2011ESL
IC025Interest Rates 2011-12 Replaced by IC0501/7/2011TAA | SD | LT | PRT
IC024Summary of Changes 2011-1216/6/2011LT
IC023State Budget 2011-129/6/2011GEN
IC022Stamp Duties (Insurance) Amendment Act 201121/4/2011SD
IC021Exemption for wages paid to apprentices and trainees Replaced by IC04319/1/2011PRT
IC020First Home Owner Grant - Property Value Cap19/1/2011FHOG
IC019First Home Bonus Grant19/1/2011FHOG
IC018State Budget 2010-1116/9/2010GEN
IC017Summary of Changes 2010-1115/7/2010LT
IC016Rebates Replaced by IC021 and IC03113/7/2010PRT
IC015Interest Rates 2010-11 Replaced by IC0255/7/2010TAA | SD | LT | PRT
IC014Historical Rates Replaced by IC0275/7/2010PRT
IC013Summary of Changes 2010-115/7/2010ESL
IC012Exemption for Apprentices & Trainees Replaced by IC0215/7/2010PRT
IC011Payroll Tax Nexus Provisions28/6/2010PRT
IC010Transfer of Fishing Licences - Liability for Duty31/5/2010SD
IC009Rebates for Renewable Energy Projects30/4/2010PRT
IC008Stamp Duties on Policies of Insurance11/12/2009SD
IC007Rebates Replaced by IC0161/7/2009PRT
IC006Employment Agency Replaced by IC0281/7/2009PRT
IC003Historical Rates Replaced by IC0141/7/2009PRT
IC002General Replaced by Guide to Legislation (Payroll Tax). View current version of the Guide to Legislation (Payroll Tax)1/7/2009PRT
IC001RevenueSA Publication Processes1/7/2009GEN

Category Key:

ESLEmergency Services Levy
FHOGFirst Home Owner Grant
HCGHousing Construction Grant
JAGJob Accelerator Grant
LTLand Tax
PRTPayroll Tax
SDStamp Duty
SHGSeniors Housing Grant
TAATaxation Administration Act
TDLTransport Development Levy