Payroll Tax Payment Options

Affected by the recent bushfires in South Australia?

RevenueSA has developed an Internet based service called RevenueSA Online that allows an easy, flexible and more efficient way for you to do business with RevenueSA. The facility allows you to calculate, lodge and make your payroll tax payments online.

Payment options available are:

Electronic Payment Authority (EPA)
Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)
Refunds via Direct Credit

Electronic Payment Authority

You can elect to make payments through RevenueSA Online via an electronic transfer of funds from your nominated bank account. The electronic payment is initiated and authorised by a user within RevenueSA Online. RevenueSA does not independently access a taxpayer's bank account.

This facility ensures that your tax is allocated to your account correctly each month thereby avoiding non-payment penalties and/or interest for incorrect allocation.

See the RevenueSA Online – Payroll Tax page for more details.

If you wish to register for this facility please contact our RevSupport Team at or (08) 8207 2333.

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), BPay or Cheque

If you choose not to elect to pay via Electronic Payment Authority (EPA), you can pay your monthly and annual returns via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), BPay or Cheque.

Once you submit your return, a payment advice will be generated which will provide you with details on how to make the payment.

Payroll Tax Refunds via Direct Credit

To receive refunds directly to your nominated bank account please contact our RevSupport Team at or (08) 8207 2333. RevenueSA does not independently access a taxpayer’s bank account.

Some of the benefits of receiving refunds electronically include:

  • Refunds will be received sooner;
  • Cheques will not get lost in the mail, nor do cheques have to be banked; and
  • You will be advised of the amount to be credited once a refund has been approved.

Payroll Tax refunds can also be issued by cheque, posted to your organisation’s nominated address.