Information Circulars & Revenue Rulings - Payroll Tax


PTA005[V2]Exempt Allowances: Motor Vehicle and Accommodation19/1/2011Revenue Ruling
PTA025Motor Vehicle Allowance Paid to Real Estate Salespersons1/7/2009Revenue Ruling
PTA024Overnight Accommodation Allowances Paid to Truck Drivers1/7/2009Revenue Ruling
PTA011Allowances & Reimbursements1/7/2009Revenue Ruling
PTA005[V1]Exempt Allowances: Motor Vehicle and Accommodation Replaced by PTA005[V2]1/7/2009Revenue Ruling


PTA035[V2]Contractors – 90 Day Exemption28/6/2012Revenue Ruling
PTA038Determining Whether a Worker is an Employee This Revenue Ruling should be read in conjunction with IC0052/8/2011Revenue Ruling
IC005Contractors 1/7/2009Information Circular
PTA035[V1] Contractors - 90 Day Exemption Replaced by PTA035[V2]1/7/2009 Revenue Ruling
PTA033Contractors – Services Ancillary to the Supply of Goods1/7/2009Revenue Ruling
PTA023Contractors Engaging Others1/7/2009Revenue Ruling
PTA022Contractors – Services not Ordinarily Required1/7/2009Revenue Ruling
PTA021Exemption for Contractors Ordinarily Rendering Services to the Public1/7/2009Revenue Ruling
PTA020Contractors – 180 Day Exemption1/7/2009Revenue Ruling
PTA019Contractors – Labour & Non-labour Deductions1/7/2009Revenue Ruling
PTA018Contractors Deductions1/7/2009Revenue Ruling
PTA014Contractors – What Constitutes a Day's Work1/7/2009Revenue Ruling
PTA007Contractor Provisions – Door-to-Door Sale of Goods1/7/2009Revenue Ruling
PTA006Payroll Tax Exemption for Payments to Owner-Drivers1/7/2009Revenue Ruling

Employment Agency Contracts

IC028Employment Agency8/7/2011Information Circular
PTA026[V2]Employment Agency Contracts – Declaration by Exempt Clients8/7/2011Revenue Ruling
IC006Employment Agency Replaced by IC0281/7/2009Information Circular
PTA029Recruitment Agencies / Placement Agencies / Job Placement Agencies1/7/2009Revenue Ruling
PTA028Employment Agency Contracts – Workers On-hired to Government1/7/2009Revenue Ruling
PTA027Employment Agency Contracts – Chain of On-hire1/7/2009Revenue Ruling
PTA026[V1]Employment Agency Contracts – Declaration by Exempt Clients Replaced by PTA026[V2]1/7/2009Revenue Ruling


IC054Employee Share Schemes / Maternity and Adoption Leave Exemption *NEW*6/12/2012Information Circular
IC043State Budget 2012-13 - Exemption for Wages Paid to Apprentices and Trainees31/5/2012Information Circular
IC021Payroll Tax Exemption for Wages Paid to Apprentices and Trainees Replaced by IC04319/1/2011Information Circular
PTA036[W]Payroll Tax Exemption for Wages Paid to Apprentices and Trainees Replaced by IC021
This Revenue Ruling has been withdrawn
13/7/2010Revenue Ruling
PTA012Exemption for Maternity & Adoption Leave Pay1/7/2009Revenue Ruling
PTA009Charitable Exemptions – Meaning of Exclusively
This Revenue Ruling has been withdrawn
1/7/2009Revenue Ruling


IC004Groupings 1/7/2009Information Circular
PTA031 Commissioner's Discretion to Exclude from a Group
Application for Grouping Exclusion
1/7/2009Revenue Ruling
PTA017Grouping of Professional Practices & Administrative Businesses1/7/2009Revenue Ruling

Historical Rates

See Rates and Thresholds page for future rate information.

IC096Rates 8/7/2016 Information Circular
IC083Rates Replaced by IC0968/11/2015Information Circular
IC073Rates Replaced by IC08311/7/2014Information Circular
IC062Rates Replaced by IC07322/7/2013Information Circular
IC049Rates Replaced by IC06229/6/2012Information Circular
IC027Rates Replaced by IC0495/7/2011Information Circular
IC014Historical Rates Replaced by IC0275/7/2010Information Circular
IC003Historical Rates Replaced by IC0141/7/2009Information Circular

Nexus Provisions

PTA039Payroll Tax Nexus Provisions12/5/2011Revenue Ruling
IC011Payroll Tax Nexus Provisions Replaced by PTA03928/6/2010Information Circular
PTA002Expatriate Employees Replaced by IC0111/7/2009Revenue Ruling


IC093State Budget 2016-177/7/2016Information Circular
PTASA003[V3]Small Business Payroll Tax Rebate 21/6/2016
Revenue Ruling
Small Business Payroll Tax Rebate Replaced by PTASA002[V3]
Revenue Ruling
IC060Cessation of South Australian Payroll Tax Exporters Rebate 27/6/2013Information Circular
IC056State Budget 2013-146/6/2013
Information Circular
PTASA002Small Business Payroll Tax Rebate Replaced by PTASA002[V2] 6/6/2013Revenue Ruling
PTASA001Exporters Rebate3/2/2012Revenue Ruling
IC031Exporters Rebate Replaced by PTASA0013/8/2011Information Circular
IC016Rebates Replaced by IC021 and IC03113/7/2010Information Circular
IC009Rebates for Renewable Energy Projects 30/4/2010Information Circular
IC007Rebates - Replaced by IC0161/7/2009Information Circular

Tax Administration and Budget Releases

See State Budget Updates page for future Budget information.

IC093State Budget 2016-17 7/7/2016Information Circular
IC090Interest Rates 2016-17 1/7/2016Information Circular
IC080Interest Rates 2015-16 Replaced by IC0901/7/2015Information Circular
IC070Interest Rates 2014-15 Replaced by IC0801/7/2014Information Circular
IC058Interest Rates 2013-14 Replaced by IC07027/6/2013Information Circular
IC053State Budget 2012-13 - Statutes Amendment and Repeal (Budget 2012) Act 2012 6/12/2012Information Circular
IC050Interest Rates 2012-13 Replaced by IC0583/7/2012Information Circular
IC040State Budget 2012-1331/5/2012Information Circular
IC039Debt Management Process22/5/2012Information Circular
IC025Interest Rates 2011-12 Replaced by IC0501/7/2011Information Circular
PTA036Interest & Penalty19/1/2011Revenue Ruling
TAA001Application of Interest and Penalty Tax19/1/2011Revenue Ruling
IC018State Budget 2010-1116/9/2010Information Circular
IC015Interest Rates 2010-11 Replaced by IC0255/7/2010Information Circular


PTA003[V2]Fringe Benefits 1/7/2016Revenue Ruling
PTA015[V2]Workers' Compensation Payments14/6/2016Revenue Ruling
PTA013[V2]Fees Paid to Golf Professionals by Golf Clubs17/7/2013Revenue Ruling
IC054Employee Share Schemes / Maternity and Adoption Leave Exemption 6/12/2012Information Circular
PTA037Paid Parental Leave19/1/2011Revenue Ruling
PTA030Penalty Charged Under Superannuation Guarantee Charge1/7/2009Revenue Ruling
PTA015Workers' Compensation Payments Replaced by PTA015[V2]1/7/2009Revenue Ruling
PTA013[V1]Fees Paid to Golf Professionals by Golf Clubs. Replaced by PTA013[V2]1/7/2009Revenue Ruling
PTA010Wage Subsidies1/7/2009Revenue Ruling
PTA008GST Considerations for the Calculation of Payroll Tax Liability1/7/2009Revenue Ruling
PTA004Termination Payments1/7/2009Revenue Ruling
PTA003Fringe Benefits Replaced by PTA003[V2]1/7/2009Revenue Ruling
PTA001South Australian Payroll Tax Liability for Wages Paid by an Employer Replaced by IC0111/7/2009Revenue Ruling


IC033Minister for Finance28/11/2011Information Circular
IC002General - Replaced by Payroll Tax Guide to Legislation1/7/2009Information Circular

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