Estimate your Land Tax for 2020-21 - General Rates

For information on the changes refer to the Land Tax Changes page.

Who can use this calculator?

  • Individuals.
  • Companies.
  • Corporate groups.
  • Joint ownerships.
  • Trusts which are not liable to the trust rates:
    • Charitable trusts.
    • Concessional trusts: guardianship order or an administration order.
    • Concessional trusts: disability.
    • Concessional trusts: prescribed by the regulations.
    • Trusts sole beneficiaries are associations referred to in Section 4(1) of the Land Tax Act 1936.
    • Superannuation trusts.
    • Trusts established by a superannuation trust for the purposes of an arrangement of kind authorised under Section 67A of the Commonwealth Superannuation Act.
    • Trusts that holds child maintenance land.
    • Administration trusts.
    • Implied, constructive or resulting trusts.
    • Listed trusts.
    • Widely held trusts.
    • Land that is owned by a corporation that is the trustee of a fixed trust or a unit trust scheme if the corporation is grouped and assessed with one or more related corporations.
  • Trusts where RevenueSA has been notified of the beneficiaries or unit holders.

Who can’t use this calculator?

  • Trusts assessed at the trusts rate.

Please use the Land Tax Calculator - Trust Ownerships

What rate of land tax is used?

This calculator will give an indication only of the land tax payable for 2020-21 using the following rates.

Total Taxable Site Value Amount of Tax
Does not exceed $450 000 Nil
Exceeds $450 000 but not $723 000 $0.50 for every $100
or part of $100 above $450 000
Exceeds $723 000 but not $1 052 000 $1365.00 plus $1.25 for every $100
or part of $100 above $723 000
Exceeds $1 052 000 but not $1 350 000 $5477.50 plus $2.00 for every $100
or part of $100 above $1 052 000
Exceeds $1 350 000 $11 437.50 plus $2.40 for every $100
or part of $100 above $1 350 000

This calculator does not include any deductions you may receive for land tax payable by the trustee or the joint ownership if you:

  • are the nominated beneficiary or unitholder of a fixed or unit trust;
  • are the nominated beneficiary of a discretionary trust; or
  • own land with others

In these situations, the calculation is only indicative of your liability.

examples of calculating land tax

How to use this calculator

Before you start

You will need to know the total value of all the taxable land. Land tax is calculated on the site value, which you can locate on your last Land Tax Notice of Assessment or by contacting the Office of the Valuer General on 1300 653 346.

Please note: site values may change from year to year. Your 2020-21 land tax liability will be calculated on the site value of your land as at 30 June 2020.

Please only enter numbers in whole as the calculator will not function if spaces, commas or symbols (i.e. $) are present.

Own single taxable property

If you only own one taxable property (excluding exempt land, e.g. the home that you live in), please enter the site value of the property in the Single Holding Value option below and select 'calculate' to estimate land tax payable for 2020-21.

Own multiple taxable properties

If you own multiple properties, please enter the total taxable site value of the properties in the Multiple Holding Value option below and select 'calculate' to estimate land tax payable for 2020-21. You will need to add together the site values of all your properties (excluding those exempt from land tax, e.g. the home that you live in) according to your share of ownership.

For example:

Ownership Site Value Taxable Site Value
Property A 100% $400 000 $400 000
Property B 100% $200 000 $200 000
Property C 50% $600 000 $300 000
TOTAL     $900 000

In this example, you would enter 900000 into the Multiple Holding Value option and select 'calculate'.

You can also determine the tax that will be applied to each property by adding the relevant site value in the Single Property Value option below and select 'calculate'.


Single Holding Value = Value of property as assessed by the Valuer-General (do not use commas)
Estimate of Land Tax Payable

Note: Accounts under $20 are not issued from 1 July 2011.


Multiple Holding Value = Value of all non-exempt properties as assessed by the Valuer-General

Estimate of Multiple Holding Land Tax $

To calculate the apportioned amount of land tax to each property
Single Property Value $
Estimate of tax apportioned to single property $

*This calculator will assist you in calculating the amount you may have to pay.The State of South Australia takes no responsibility for any incorrect information, or any discrepancy between the information provided on this web site and that appearing in any notice issued pursuant to the relevant Act, or any loss incurred as a result of reliance on the information or program of this web site.