Commonwealth Reporting - Frequently Asked Questions

When did the reporting commence?

RevenueSA Online has been available for reporting since 1 July 2017.

What are the reporting requirements?

It is a pre-requisite for the purchaser’s representative when lodging electronically a self-determination document or a document for the assessment of the Commissioner of State Taxation via RevenueSA Online.

Once legislative amendments have been passed reporting of information in RevenueSA Online for both vendors and purchasers will be required.

These key dates and how they impact on both purchaser and vendor requirements to access the data are represented in the table below. Refer to the Commonwealth Reporting Data Fields to determine what fields will be mandatory in RevenueSA Online once you are required to access the Portal based on this table.

Date Portal Data Requirement (based on role)
1 July 2017 Purchaser: Optional Vendor: Optional
4 September 2017      Purchaser: Mandatory Vendor: Optional
22 November 2018   Purchaser: Mandatory Vendor: Mandatory

Which transactions are affected by these new requirements?

All real property transactions. Please refer to the following list of documents that are impacted by the new data requirements:

Commonwealth Reporting Documents

What data is required?

Please refer to the following document for a list of required data:

Commonwealth Reporting Data Fields

Much of the information is provided by an individual to their conveyancing agent as part of the Verification of Identity (VOI) process.

Who will report the data?

Data is reported by the person conducting the transaction. For example, where a conveyancing agent (or similar representative) is employed, the agent will report the data. If a party is self-representing, they will report the data.

How do I access RevenueSA Online?

You can access RevenueSA Online at

For information on how to register for RevenueSA Online and assistance on use of the system please see the RevenueSA Online – Commonwealth Reporting page.

What is the process and timing?

Agents must enter relevant Commonwealth reporting data into RevenueSA Online before commencing a self-determination. The nature of some data lends itself to being captured, and entered into RevenueSA Online, around the time of VOI. Information which is not known at this point in time can be added or edited at a later date.

Once your data is finalised please follow the existing RevenueSA Online processes. Information on these processes is available on the RevenueSA Online – Commonwealth Reporting page.

All Commonwealth reporting data will be locked from editing seven days after the provided settlement date. Amendments required after such time must be submitted to RevenueSA.

See Can details be added or modified  after a workspace is submitted? for more details of when fields are locked.

If I act as a purchaser and need to stamp my document how do I ensure that the vendor provides their data?

Upon completion of the purchaser’s data entry, RevenueSA Online will send the vendor’s agent an invitation, via email, to provide the data into the workspace for the vendor. Currently it is not a mandatory required for this to be completed and the purchaser’s agent can complete their stamping in RevenueSA Online without the additional information. If the legislation is passed to mandate the additional data then it will be a requirement that the vendor provide this data prior to stamping.

How can the purchaser compel the vendor to provide that data?

The scheduled settlement date should act as an incentive for both parties to fulfil their obligations to provide all data that is required. The data collection can commence as early in the settlement process as either party wishes to initiate it.

What happens if the purchaser is unable to stamp the Transfer (and therefore unable to settle) because the vendor has failed to provide the identity data to RevenueSA?

Under extenuating circumstances whereby the purchaser cannot complete the stamping due to non-compliance of the vendor to provide the data, the Commissioner can exercise discretion in relation to the collection of the vendor’s data and allow the purchaser to stamp the document. Such cases would be followed up with the vendor’s agent as post-settlement Compliance activities.

If I am acting as a vendor’s agent can I commence the data collection?

To ensure complete data either party to a transaction will be able to initiate the data collection process. Upon completion of the data in RevenueSA Online a user will invite the other party to complete the data that relates to their role.

Invitations will be generated from RevenueSA Online and sent via email.

RevenueSA believes that flexibility in this process is a key to a successful transition for practitioners and taxpayers.

How will purchaser and vendor data be matched together for a transaction?

The log in from the invitation process will match the two sides of the workspace together. In addition RevenueSA will perform a matching exercise in the event that both parties commence their data entry in RevenueSA Online independently.

Will my data be visible to the other party?

The other party to the transaction or their agent will not be able to view your specific client data.

How will the information be used by the ATO?

The information may be used by the ATO for the purpose of information-matching and ensuring compliance with the taxation laws of the Commonwealth. In addition, the information (which will include information about the nationality and residency of vendors and purchasers) is to be used for the purposes of a National Register of Foreign Ownership of Land Titles to be administered by the ATO.

The ATO also intend to make this data available to taxpayers for prefill and preparation of returns and activity statements.

What happens if I void a document in RevenueSA Online

If a document is voided in RevenueSA Online there is no requirement, or functionality, to void in the data entered for reporting purposes. However if the document transaction does not settle it will not be reported to the ATO. A request to delete Draft or Submitted Workspaces can be sent to

If a document is voided in RevenueSA Online due to settlement being delayed, assuming no details other than date of settlement have changed, the same Workspace ID can be reused when the document is re-entered into RevenueSA Online. You should then return to the Workspace and modify the Settlement Date.

The Purchaser is trustee for a trust – which details do I provide?

Details should be provided for the entity being registered on the title. In a majority of circumstances that would be the trustee. In the scenario of a trustee purchasing on behalf of a trust the bulk of the data should be provided for the trustee: Trustee Name, Address for Future Notices, Contact Details etc. The only details required for the trust is Trust Name.

Can details be added or modified after a Workspace is submitted?

The below table indicates when fields are locked from editing in RevenueSA Online:

Portal Fields Locked from editing when the document is confirmed in RevenueSA Online Locked form editing 7 days after settlement
Contract Date X  
Document Date X  
Consideration X  
Market Value X  
Interest Transferred as a Percentage X  
New Building or Housing Indicator X  
Residential off-the-plan Purchase Indicator X  
Purchaser & Vendor Relationship: Related/Not Related X  
Property Type: Residential/Non-Residential X  
Settlement Date    X
Possession Date   X
GST Payable   X
 Purchaser/Vendor Details: all details of purchaser(s) and vendor (s) such as name, ABN, nationality, address etc.   X

Note: Any changes required after settlement must be emailed to

Can we cancel Workspaces created in error?

Not currently, however if the document transaction does not settle it will not be reported to the ATO. A request to delete Draft or Submitted Workspaces can be sent to

What data is provided when dealing with an Executor, Power of Attorney, Administrator etc.?

Data should be provided for the person(s) going on or off title where reasonable. For example, if a deceased vendor is returned on title you would enter the personal details of the deceased and contact details/address for futures notices of the executor.

Where can I find more information?

See our overview page of Commonwealth Reporting.

Contact our RevSupport team at or (08) 8207 2333. During business hours (Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 5:00pm)

ATO resources relevant to the reporting initiative:

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