Payroll Tax Annual Reconciliation Demonstrations

All taxpayers registered for payroll tax in South Australia are required to use the payroll tax component of RevNet to complete their annual reconciliation.

Before you commence your annual reconciliation, we recommend that you view a demonstration of how to complete your annual reconciliation. The demonstrations contain "screen shots" of the RevNet system. Each demonstration will take approximately 10-15 minutes to view. There are two demonstrations available:

Annual Reconciliation Demonstration 1

An annual reconciliation lodged by the designated group employer (DGE) where the status has not changed. 

Annual Reconciliation Demonstration 2

A more complex annual reconciliation where the organisation has had a change in the status code within a financial year.

Collate the information contained on the Payroll Tax Annual Reconciliation Checklist. Once you have all the required information, the completion of the annual reconciliation via RevNet should take approximately 10 minutes

Commence your annual reconciliation via RevNet.

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