Land Tax and Emergency Services Levy Certificates RevNet Training

The Land Tax and Emergency Services Levy Certificates RevNet training has been designed to teach you how to use the Certificates component of RevNet, it is based around simulations of the real system. This means we have taken snapshots of the screens and activated only selected buttons/options in order to demonstrate a particular function. Therefore, you will find that not all the buttons/options that are available in the 'live' RevNet system are available during this training.

To navigate through the course follow the instructions on the screen to do a specific task. Information screens will contain a Next button for you to move forward to the next screen. Or you can move Forward or Back through the training by clicking on the green arrows in the navigation bar on the bottom of each screen.

We estimate on average, it will take approximately 1 hour to complete all the modules in the Land Tax and Emergency Services Levy Certificates RevNet training. The training consists of five modules. We recommend that you complete the modules in order, as we gradually build on knowledge learnt in each module. To access a module, click on the desired module title below. The training is self-paced and you can exit the training at anytime by clicking on the X in the top right hand corner of the screen.

It is recommended that you commence with the module Accessing RevNet and Online Help. However, if you have completed the Stamp Duty RevNet Training, the contents of this module have been covered in the modules Accessing RevNet and Stamp Duty Help, therefore, you can start with the module Requesting a Certificate.

  1. Accessing RevNet and Online Help

  2. Requesting a Certificate

  3. Certificate Enquiries

  4. Certificate Payments

  5. System Maintenance


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