RevNet Frequently Asked Questions

Stamp Duty (Self Determination)

Which documents are available for processing via RevNet?

For a list of approved RevNet documents please refer to the RevNet Approved Documents list.

Please note document types available for stamping via RevNet are dependent on the main business of an organisation.

If I am not sure which document to select or how to determine the stamp duty liability, what kind of help is available?

A Stamp Duty Document Guide has been developed to assist clients in calculating the stamp duty payable on the documents available for processing via RevNet and to help clients select the correct document heading. This Guide does not replace nor over-ride the legislative requirements of the Stamp Duties Act 1923.

This guide is also available via the Online Help in RevNet.

Rate charts to assist with the calculation of stamp duty are also available.

Telephone assistance is also available by ringing Assessing and taxpayer Assistance on (08) 8226 3750 during business hours (Monday to Friday, 8.30 am to 5.00 pm).

Can I pay LTO fees via RevNet when using the stamp duty component of RevNet?

Yes. You can pay Lands Titles Office fees, General Registry Office fees and new Certificate of Title fees on documents to Land Titles Office.

How do I request to stamp a document in RevNet that I do not have access to?

If the type of document you wish to stamp is a once off event, bring the document into RevenueSA to be stamped.

If your business practices have changed and you require on-going access to stamp a document type you do not currently have access to, advise RevNet Assistance and we will send you a “Request to Stamp Additional Documents” form.

How do I calculate the cost of a document without stamping a document?

All stamp duty clients have access to stamp duty calculators via RevNet. This functionality is available under the Stamp Duty Menu > Calculators > Duty Calculator or Sec 67 Calculator.
Alternatively there are calculators on the RevenueSA website.

What do I do if I stamp a document and settlement does not proceed?

  • if a batch has not been submitted, the option to void a document is available in the “Review Batch” screen.
  • if a batch has been submitted, a batch can be restarted by RevenueSA if we are notified the same day. Once a batch is re-started, the document can be voided and the batch will need to be re-submitted.
  • if a document has been registered at the Lands Titles Office, you will need to retrieve the document and bring it into RevenueSA, we will cancel the stamp for you. If the document is not a registered document, bring the document into RevenueSA and we will cancel the stamp and keep the document. If a refund is required as a result of cancelling a stamp, a Refund of Stamp Duty Application form needs to be completed.

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