RevNet Frequently Asked Questions

Certificate Queries

Who can view and update certificates?

Only the agent/organisation who has requested the  Certificate either through a Property Interest Report (PIR) or RevNet can view  and/or update a certificate.

What do I do if my certificate is not appearing RevNet?

Please refer to our RevNet online  help under "Certificate Enquiries" than "Enquire on a Certificate".  
If you are still having  difficulty viewing your certificate, please contact RevenueSA by email at or on (08) 8207 2333 during  business hours, Monday – Friday 8.30am to 5.00pm.

How long will it take for RevenueSA to respond to a RevSA Query request for a certificate requested via RevNet?

All certificate requests that are forwarded to RevenueSA for manual  intervention (ie. where the certificate liability cannot be determined via  RevNet) will be actioned  within the next business day.

What are the fees to request new certificates?

For the 2018-19 financial year they are:
Land tax - $33.25
Emergency Services Levy - $15.80

*Please note prices may change, however RevNet users will be notified in advance.

How long are certificates valid for?

Emergency Services Levy and Land Tax certificates are valid for three months from date of purchase. They can be updated in RevNet at no cost for the validity period.

What are the rules for updating certificates within RevNet?

The update facility in RevNet allows you to obtain reviewed information  for a property up to the due date of the initial certificate. Where the due  date of the initial certificate falls in the next financial year, an update may  be requested in that next financial year, prior to the due date. The update  request will provide information applicable to the new financial year and the  due date will remain the same. Updates are provided via RevNet at no cost.

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