RevNet Frequently Asked Questions

Applying to use RevNet

How do I register for RevNet?

Agents/taxpayers need to apply for the RevNet component they wish to have access to eg. Stamp Duty, Stamp Duty Opinions, Certificates or Payroll Tax Payment Facility. Separate applications are required for each component. Application Kits for each component are available by clicking on the relevant link below, or by contacting RevenueSA on (08) 8207 2333.


Stamp Duty

Stamp Duty - Opinions

RevNet Payroll Tax Electronic Payment Authority*

RevNet Payroll Tax Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)*

* the difference between payroll tax payment options can be viewed under Payments.

If I do not apply for the RevNet Payroll Tax Payment Facility, can I still lodge my annual reconciliation via RevNet?

Yes. If you do not apply to use the RevNet Payroll Tax Payment Facility, you are still required to access RevNet to complete and lodge your annual reconciliation.

Does RevenueSA provide training in the use of RevNet?


There is self-paced Computer Based Training (CBT) disk that is provided once you are approved to use the Stamp Duty, Stamp Duty Opinions and/or Certificates component of RevNet.

RevNet payroll tax demonstrations for the Annual Reconciliation and functions are available.

Comprehensive On-line Help is also available in RevNet to assist you in using the system.

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