RevNet Frequently Asked Questions

Stamp Duty Opinions

RevNet functionality allows stamp duty opinion documents that have been assessed by RevenueSA to be viewed, paid for and stamped via RevNet.

Which documents need to be sent in for Opinion?

Not all documents are approved for self-determination. Therefore, some documents will still require the Opinion of the Commissioner of State Taxation. The Document Guide (Opinions) page lists documents that must be submitted to the Commissioner of State Taxation for an assessment of stamp duty.

Documents which can be determined on RevNet will not be accepted for Opinion assessment from RevNet users, this includes documents lodged through the mail and courier systems. Documents that can be stamped via RevNet will be returned to the lodging party for processing on RevNet.

Can I pay LTO fees via RevNet when using the stamp duty opinions component of RevNet?

No. You will need to pay any associated Lands Titles Office fees directly to the Lands Titles Office.

How do I lodge my opinion documents?

For RevNet Opinions you only need to lodge copies of documents because you will be stamping the original documents in-house. Copies can be lodged with RevenueSA via:

fax: (08) 8226 3737;
post: GPO Box 1353 Adelaide SA 5001; or by placing the documents in one of the lodgement boxes located at RevenueSA or the Land Titles Office.

How will I receive notification of a requisition or notice of assessment?

When you complete the Opinion form you are required to provide a contact email address, this address will be used for notifications relating to that particular bundle. The email will contain a link which will allow you to logon to RevNet and view either the requisition or notice of assessment information.

How do I respond to a requisition?

There is an email link within RevNet on the requisition screen so you can email your requisition response. The email address is You also have the option of faxing, posting or delivering direct to RevenueSA.

When is payment for RevNet opinion bundles debited from my bank account?

Once you have stamped your document(s) the bundle is classed as paid, although the debit does not occur until the following business day.

Can I cancel a payment?

No. If you need to void or reverse a payment you need to contact RevNet Assistance on (08) 8207 2333 the same day as the stamping occurred otherwise you will need to apply for a refund.

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