General Information Circulars and Revenue Rulings

NumberTitleDate IssuedType
IC095Job Accelerator Grant Scheme7/7/2016Information Circular
IC093State Budget 2016-17 See State Budget Updates page for future Budget information7/7/2016Information Circular
IC0862015-16 Mid-Year Budget Review - Stamp Duty on Transfers of Non-residential, Non-primary Production Real Property7/12/2015Information Circular
IC084Statutes Amendment and Repeal (Budget 2015) Act 201526/11/2015Information Circular
IC075State Budget 2015-1618/6/2015Information Circular
IC074Commonwealth Places (Mirror Taxes Administration) (Modification of State Taxing Laws) Regulations 201426/8/2014Information Circular
IC069State Budget 2014-1519/6/2014Information Circular
IC056 State Budget 2013-1406/6/2013Information Circular
IC0552012-13 Mid-Year Budget Review - Transport Development Levy in the Adelaide CBD18/12/2012Information Circular
IC053State Budget 2012-13 - Statutes Amendment and Repeal (Budget 2012) Act 2012 6/12/2012Information Circular
IC051Increased Government Assistance for New Home Buyers *NEW*18/10/2012 Information Circular
IC040State Budget 2012-1331/5/2012Information Circular
IC033Minister for Finance28/11/2011Information Circular
IC023State Budget 2011-129/7/2011Information Circular
IC018State Budget 2010-1116/9/2010Information Circular
IC001RevenueSA Publication Processes1/7/2009Information Circular

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Please note: A new publication system was introduced on 1 July 2009 as a method of publishing and disseminating decisions on the interpretation of legislation administered by RevenueSA (Revenue Rulings) and of changes in administrative practices or taxation laws (Information Circulars).

Prior to 1 July 2009, this information was published as Circulars. A review has been undertaken on their content and current information has been reissued in Revenue Ruling (RR) or Information Circular (IC) format, or is available in another publication or on the RevenueSA Internet site.

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