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What is RevNet?

RevNet is an Internet based system that allows an easy, flexible and more effective way for you to do business with RevenueSA.

RevNet provides approved clients with the ability to perform the following functions in the comfort of their own office:

  • Calculate and pay South Australian Stamp Duty and Lands Titles Office fees on a wide range of documents.
  • Request, receive, pay and update South Australian Emergency Services Levy and Land Tax Agent Certificates.
  • Pay and update Emergency Services Levy and Land Tax Agent Certificates that are requested through the Land Services Group (DTEI) Property Interest Report.
  • Register as a Payroll Tax payer online.
  • Complete and lodge South Australian Payroll Tax Returns and Annual Reconciliations on-line.
  • Make on-line payments of Payroll Tax liabilities.

Further information about RevNet is available on the RevenueSA website.

Enquiries: (08) 8207 2333

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